Celebrate — Every time you fail!

high jumperOkay Debra, now you are taking this pat yourself on the back stuff a little too far! What do you mean — celebrate every time you fail?

When I first started into this field of personal development I was lucky enough to have a friend and mentor who was (and still is) one of the best in the industry. You may know that tall guy with the big teeth who does firewalks 😉  Well, back in the day he used to do a lot of personal coaching and had been called upon to work with an Olympic High Jump hopeful who was struggling badly.

Tony watched him for a few minutes and saw the pattern the young man was in which was to jump, miss the mark, come down to kicking the mat, muttering curses and generally being as frustrated and angry with himself as he could muster. Well, that makes sense as a response to “failing” right? But does it help you progress?

My friend challenged the high jumper to shift that pattern immediately. He told him that when he hit the ground he was to IMMEDIATELY jump up and CELEBRATE  for a minute, then stop and say what he had learned. The young man was very dubious about this approach and had a very difficult time with it at first but finally gave into the big guy and did it repeatedly.

Within about one hour our young high jumper had BROKEN HIS OWN RECORD! And that was the ONLY thing they did!!

Hummmm, something to think about!

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Now, Later, Never – When to Use Positive Reinforcement

0DelayPositive reinforcement can be very effective whether that means giving yourself a simple pat on the back or using some other type of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is widely accepted as a powerful method of teaching, training and building positive habits and behaviors.

But WHEN should you give it to yourself (or someone else)?

Utah State University published a behavioral guidelines checklist which confirms that  positive reinforcement is most effective when it occurs immediately after the behavior. The guidelines also recommend the reinforcement should be presented enthusiastically and should occur frequently. One of the beauties of a pat on the back (and the iPhone APP that makes it even easier) is that it can easily be done in the moment and the applause setting on the app definitely adds a fun sense of enthusiasm!

The shorter the amount of time between any behavior you want to reinforce and the subsequent positive reinforcement, the stronger the connection will be in the brain — remember the brain tells us to move TOWARD pleasure and AWAY from pain.

Delay of positive reinforcement…

If a long period of time elapses between the behavior and the positive reinforcement, the connection will be weaker from the behavior to the brain and heart. So as the delay increases, the effectiveness of the reinforcement decreases. The scary thing is that I find many people aren’t giving themselves much, if any positive reinforcement, ever – urghh! And then they wonder why they aren’t feeling motivated!

So the important message here is catch yourself (and others) engaged in behaviors you want and find lots of ways to enthusiastically reinforce them as quickly as possible.  You’ll be building connections from the behavior to the pleasure center in the brain. It just makes sense 😉

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How would YOU go about winning the GOLD?

winning_gold_sageFrom the time I began in the field of personal development, I’ve heard about the importance of modeling others as a way of speeding up the process of creating success.  Find out what others who have succeeded thought, what actions they took, what strategies they used — do the same and you’ll get the same results. Great!

And modeling does work — at least a good portion of the time. However, there is an important caveat.

Model people who are similar to you who have created the success you desire.

Sage Kotsenburg just won the first gold of the 2014 Winter Olympics and when he stood at the top of the course at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park on Saturday, he was not sure which tricks he would attempt.

The one that mattered was one he had never attempted“I just kind of make things up,” he said.

Think of how different this is from other competitors who have spent all winter perfecting runs that they imagined for months.

Which strategy is better for you? For some of you, this “I just make things up.” strategy would never work and for others it could be a way of thinking that frees you to create greatness!

It depends on your natural strengths.

Another example… If you are a quiet person who wants to be a speaker would it really make sense to model someone like Anthony Robbins? If you are a high energy, boisterous person would it really make sense to model someone like Deepak Chopra? Well, yes and no. Of course there are things to learn from everyone and we most likely can all benefit from stretching ourselves to grow and expand our idea of who we are and who we can be.

But when it comes right down to it, what I’ve observed after almost 30 years in this field is that people rarely change the core of their personality so doesn’t it make sense to just go with it? Make the absolute most of your uniqueness instead of trying to model someone completely different from yourself?

Learn from / model others but make YOUR mark, YOUR way!

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Is Fear Blocking You from Your Strengths?

cowardly lionWe all have natural strengths and talents and when we spend the lion’s share of our time and energy engaged in activities that bring out those strengths and talents, most of us will be much more successful and certainly more fulfilled.

But are you letting fear block you from your strengths?

You may not even realize it. In my coaching practice, I’m working with clients every day to go after and attain what they truly desire in their life. Sometimes repeated efforts without results is simply a matter of needing a better strategy but that’s rare.

Two of the most common reasons for not attaining what you truly desire are:

1) Going after goals that are not aligned with your strengths and/or

2) Allowing fear to block you from a relentless pursuit of your goals.

So how do you handle both of these. For #1 — Take the Strengths Assessment and then honestly evaluate what you are up to. Make sure the majority of your goals are primarily aligned with your natural strengths – it’ll make a huge difference.

Now how to overcome fear…

One of my favorite techniques (and there are many) is what I coined “Natural Affirmations.” This was one of the primary techniques I used in overcoming my phobia of public speaking. You may have heard of affirmations or incantations as a method for reinforcing and/or directing your unconscious mind to create what you want. Those can work but I’ve found this simple twist on affirmations to be much more effective.

Here’s how I used Natural Affirmations to overcome my phobia of public speaking and I really do mean phobia. Everyday for three weeks (would have done it longer if I had needed to) I pretended to have already overcome the phobia. Instead of standing in front of a mirror and saying ten times “I love public speaking” — which for me feels a little unnatural — periodically throughout the day, several times a day I would say things like… “I’m so happy I overcame that silly phobia.” “It’s awesome that I enjoy public speaking so much now.” “I’m so proud of myself that I put that behind me.” “Gosh, I wish someone would call me and invite me to do some speaking.” “I just freakin’ love getting up in front of people now.” The idea is to talk to yourself the way you really would if you had already accomplished the goal hence, Natural Affirmations. 

A couple of nuances… 1) It’s critical that you say it like you mean it!  That means say it with conviction, excitement, energy, playfulness, etc. 2) You most likely won’t believe it or feel congruent at first. When I first started saying those things the little voice in my head would say, “Bullshit” (or some equivalent).  After a couple of weeks the little voice timidly mused, “It really might be kind of cool to do some public speaking.” And by week three, the little voice (which was now a lot stronger) declared, “I really am excited to get up in front of people and do this!”

It’s a process but it’s so incredibly worthwhile in freeing you up to identify, maximize and master your strengths!

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One Way to Really Have a HAPPY New Year!

Happy New Year

Around this time of year most of us begin thinking about what will make the upcoming year a happy one. We usually then start with goals, thinking that the achievement of these goals will make us happy and they do or at least can for the moment. But what is happiness really? Of course that’s for each person to determine for themselves but one thing that makes people happy through time is loving what they do – loving how they spend their time.

My work with Pat Yourself on the Back – and I hope you are still giving those pats to yourself several times a day – has another side to the same coin and that is my work with Strengths.

When you…

IDENTIFY Your Strengths

MASTER Your Strengths

MAXIMIZE Your Strengths

LIVE a Strengths-Based Life

then life feels great and if you create your world such that you are spending 70-80% of your time engaging your strengths, the chances are YOU’LL BE HAPPY!

When you are using your strengths everyday, most of the day, you’ll have even more reasons to give yourself regular pats on the back – it’s a beautiful cycle that produces happiness, fulfillment, and success.

So decide now to make 2014 a truly Happy New Year by bringing your strengths to the forefront of your life!

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Your coach, Debra

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about your strengths you can…

  1. Click here to take the StrengthsFinders Assessment.
  2. Click here to take the StrengthsFinder Assessment plus get a one-hour personalized Strengths Consultation with Master Coach, Debra Russell
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