Identify Your Strengths

strengths_02There are various methods that can be used to determine your top strengths but my favorite is an assessment called, StrengthsFinder, which identifies your top strengths out of a list of 34. You can purchase the book online or in any book store to take the assessment. However, I have found that having PERSONALIZED COACHING around the results is very important in helping you apply and benefit from the information.

Options for Identifying Your Strengths:
  1. Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment only (Top 5 Strengths Report) – Click here to purchase – $9.95
  2. Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment plus get a one-hour of personalized consultation with Master Coach, Debra Russell to help you understand your results and how to use the information to MASTER your unique talents and strengths – the StrengthsFinder Assessment is included. You’ll receive your Top 5 Strengths Report plus a one-hour consultation with Master Coach, Debra Russell Click here to book – $295

Whether or not you decide to pursue Mastering Your Strengths with me, my greatest hope is that you will pursue turning your strengths into your very own Super Powers!

~Debra Russell, Master Coach