One Way to Really Have a HAPPY New Year!

Happy New Year

Around this time of year most of us begin thinking about what will make the upcoming year a happy one. We usually then start with goals, thinking that the achievement of these goals will make us happy and they do or at least can for the moment. But what is happiness really? Of course that’s for each person to determine for themselves but one thing that makes people happy through time is loving what they do – loving how they spend their time.

My work with Pat Yourself on the Back – and I hope you are still giving those pats to yourself several times a day – has another side to the same coin and that is my work with Strengths.

When you…

IDENTIFY Your Strengths

MASTER Your Strengths

MAXIMIZE Your Strengths

LIVE a Strengths-Based Life

then life feels great and if you create your world such that you are spending 70-80% of your time engaging your strengths, the chances are YOU’LL BE HAPPY!

When you are using your strengths everyday, most of the day, you’ll have even more reasons to give yourself regular pats on the back – it’s a beautiful cycle that produces happiness, fulfillment, and success.

So decide now to make 2014 a truly Happy New Year by bringing your strengths to the forefront of your life!

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Your coach, Debra

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about your strengths you can…

  1. Click here to take the StrengthsFinders Assessment.
  2. Click here to take the StrengthsFinder Assessment plus get a one-hour personalized Strengths Consultation with Master Coach, Debra Russell

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