The Beatings Will Continue Until the Morale Improves

The Beatings Will Continue..Are you beating yourself up thinking it will make you do more, be better? News flash – it doesn’t work!!!

One of the saddest things I experience in my coaching practice is seeing amazing, wonderful, fabulous people who feel they aren’t good enough. People who are constantly striving but no matter how much external success they attain, never feel like it’s enough. Sometimes, this is simply a misplaced idea that the “beatings” are necessary to keep them motivated. I would suggest that they are motivated by some other deep desire IN SPITE of the useless and damaging habit of self-abuse. For others they have been beating themselves up for so long it has become a habitual pattern.

I won’t deny that a well-place kick in the butt is sometimes the perfect answer but always keep in mind the 5:1 ratio of positive to negative. However, constant negative critique is truly damaging to your spirit, your motivation, your confidence, to your success and to your enjoyment of life.

If you’ve been a self-beater, please print out and sign your resignation letter below from that ridiculous club NOW.


To: The Chairman of the Self Beaters Club

Re: Notice of resignation

Date: (fill in date)

I (fill in your name), hereby give my notice to the Self Beaters Club to take immediate effect.

I understand that by giving my notice, I will never, ever be allowed to renew my membership for the rest of my life.

If anyone ever notices me beating myself up again, they have my permission to laugh uncontrollably for at least one minute and remind me that I am no longer a member of that ridiculous club.

Sign (in ernest) __________________________________

Spread the word, Debra

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